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we are unable to give answer to feedback so we will use this section to explain what happened and what should have been done in order to avoid same bad situation. We have nothing to hide and are ready to help you to solve any problems. We will denounce name of buyers who made negative feedback just because they did not take the time to read our policies. - Color is wrong. Magnet not in correct spot on case for ASUS circle viewer feature. Answer : if the item you receive did not fit with our catalog, you must send us pictures showing everything wrong and we will contact you in order to replace it or refund your order. You did not send us any email... - mandy Howard: We have not received the item yet! Each time I try to track the item I am unable to track the item! Answer : As answered to you in our different emails, Tracking was well working and we sent you direct link as previously sent. you did not read our shipping policies and gave a negative feedback before our shipping delay was over. Now, you told us that item was well delivered and on time, so, we don t know why this kind of feedback is given... I did not receive this item, as you ran out of stock thank u LCD Fragrance Releasing Talking Cat Alarm Clock 10/05/2015...Answer: we are dealing with a lot of manufacturers and it can happen that they decide to stop producing some product and if they don t advise us, we can not do anything to avoid this kind of problem, except refunding customer what we have done immediately for your case, sorry for inconvenience...order placed 12/19/15 not received as of 12/29/15. The tracking # has no info available.+++ Direct answer same day of negative feedback done by customer after solving the problem with her, SO PLEASE, ONCE AGAIN, prefer mailing us before letting an unnecessary negative feedback :-- I do apologize for any negative feedback I need to say the reason was I could not locate any tracking information from the previous link sent me within your email. I see now the tracking has been sent and making progress. Upon arrival of product, I will surely write a more positive review. Can you please send me link on how to write a review? The link I have is no longer valid. Thank you for your service and your prompt reply Have a Happy New Year with health and prosperity. Thank you, Sandra ++++++++++++++++++++ I received the wrong leather case .I ordered s6 edge but received a S6 plus.dont happy at all For Galaxy S6 Edge Zebra Leather Case with Holder, 04/02/2017 -- Our answer: First, we apologize with this mismatch order but unfortunately it can arrived with the number of international order we treat. When it arrive, the first thing to do is to send us a mail and we will take immediate action to correct, in this file, we will have exchange you the wrong item. We never received any mail from you???We are doing our utmost to satisfy our customer but if they are not playing the same game than you, we can not make anything...+++++++++++++++++ This cover was not for an iPad Pro 9.7. It did not fit at all. It did sort of fit an iPad 2 Air...For iPad Pro 9.7" Green Single Side Polyurethane S 06/14/2017 Once again, we can not do anything to help our customer if they don t reach us before giving negative feedback. We are here to help you, so PLEASE CONTACT US AND WE WILL FIND A SOLUTION USEFUL FOR ALL. As this feedback can not be erased, we will do nothing to solve the problem of this bad customer Michelle Jones. Sorry for her but we will use our time to help customers who contacted us...++++++++++++++++++ This guy is a JOKE; he NEVER ever planned on delivering this item. This is a SHAM site; avoid!!! For iPad Mini 1/2/3 Black Tough Armor Plastic TPU 11/14/2017++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Once again, this kind of feedback is quite sterile, the item ordered was under arrival notice,, it means that our manufacturer can not guarantee shipping delay. In this case and in order to avoid money of our customers to be frozen for a too long time, we prefer refunding immediately what ha s been done with David order the day of his order. a mail with situation has also been sent the same day to David ???? Quite sterile and not really intelligent...